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LeelaStyles is proud to use premium products to help you achieve your aspirational look. Salon founder Jahleela Campbell utilizes a line of high-performing products designed to nourish and strengthen the hair while creating a look you love. Here is a description of some of our products:

Carbon Tea Tree System

This is our top selling product. Its properties are unmatched. Book our "Scalp Detox" to experience the power of this products.


If you suffer from dermatitis, heavy flakes & dry scalp this is a great option. It regulates oil production to regulate/eliminate the problem. long lasting results come with consistency.


If you are blonde and would like to keep your color bright and refreshed between appointments consider this toning shampoo. It cuts the brass instantly.


Those with locs & long where protective styles such as sew-ins find this very product to be very useful in the elimination of odors & lingering scents in the hair.  


BASIC's Carbon Tea Tree Shampoo contains activated charcoal, renowned for its detoxification properties that purify and alleviate toxins, sebum, allergens and other residues that can be trapped in the scalp and hair. This shampoo is uniquely formulated to help cleanse, energize and calm the scalp. Contains tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint and pink grapefruit to invigorate and refresh the scalp.


This is a Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free and Drug-Free product.

The Benefits:

Conditioning & Celerity System


If you have relatively soft &  healthy hair & would like to maintain & promote a healthy pH balance at the cuticle layer then this set if recommended.This product is great fro those with tightly coiled to loose color treated hair. The small molecule sizes allows for quick penetration of the hair shaft.


BASIC Conditioning Shampoo & Celerity Moisturizing Conditioner immediately delivers softness and manageability without the use of heat. This moisturizing shampoo & conditioner offers moisture to the hair by infusing essential vitamins, minerals and oils. It revitalizes the hair and scalp to soften and detangle hair.

This is a Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free and Drug-Free product.

The Benefits:

Hydroloc Aloe Vera System


If you suffer from extremely dry hair and need an immediate solution this is the product for you. Best used for tightly coiled and highly dense hair. For maximum hydration follow yout shampoo with a conditioning treatment with Hydroloc Conditioner. The Hydroloc set used in conjunction with the Cuticle blending lotion provides high definition and shine to those curls. If you like soft and defined curl this is for you. 

If you opt to wear your hair straight avoid the cuticle blending lotion and follow with our leave-in conditioner & herbaceous oil. 

BASIC Hydroloc Shampoo & Conditioner set is Aloe Vera based to introduce maximum moisture instantly to the hair on the deepest level. 

This is a Sulfate-Free, Paraben-Free and Drug-Free product.

The Benefits:

BOOST Sulfate-Free Quinoa System


If you have a relaxer, a keratin treatment, smoothing system or are transitioning from heat damage or relaxer, this is the set for you. It's so beneficial especially when cock-tailed with the Olaplex treatment for fortified penetration and strength in every single strand. 


BASIC Moisturizing Sulfate-Free Shampoo is specifically formulated with Quinoa extract, a natural protein containing all nine essential amino acids which repairs damage and infuses the hair with shine. It incorporates moisturizers to improve elasticity with a gentle yet effective cleansing action leaving the hair with more body, softness, and shine.  Great for extending the life of color treated hair.

The Benefits:

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